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First terrible kiss. :(( hope u like it.

im dom. female, 15 years of age, and living in lucena city.. nanyare to nung january 9,2008. in my house.



it was my maid's birthday wen me and my barkada decided to have a house party.. i didnt expect that one of my barkada wud bring him in my house. lets call him "MR.TINAPAY"..


the first part of our session was happy. kwentuhan, inum dito, inom dun. lokohan dito. lokohan dun.. den the time comes na un iba kung brka e kelngan n umwi.. so umwi na cla.. hmmm. 6 nlan  ang ntira sa brkda q.



actually mr.tinapay was not my barkda.



then, nlcng na kmeng lhat.. tpos nagkalokohan na.. oh, i forgot. mr.tinapay was my crush, until now.. pro imposible na maging kame. ewn q kung bkit..



nagkwentuhan kme ng bgla aq mhilo.. nabgla aq , kc hnde nmn tlga aq nala2cng e. amp! humga muna aq for a wyl. tpos. i feel someone's holding my hand.. ngulat aq. c mr.tinapay pla un!! darn!! i was sooo shocked..



pgktos nia hwkan an kmaii q.. he kissed me! akla q kung anu lan. pro nung pagmulat q.. nkita q xa. tpos pumalag aq. as in takbo tlga aq sa sala..


he follwed me and asked kung my bf daw aq.? and i said, wla! pro xa my gf. (mean dba?! errr!). nainis tlga aq.. at pnauwi ko na clang lahat!. as in pasigaw. tpos inaasar nia q na xa dw an first kiss q!? pro it is not counted kc wlang feeling ayt!?



den, knabukasan, prng wlang nnyre. i felt bad and badly cried.. sbe q. bt gnun? bt aq naiyk? i felt sumthin inside.. i fell for him! oh f*ck! i ignored it for 1 year. kc sbe q imposible tlga. hmp!.



den, dumting un pxukan, for 3rd yir. at clasm8 q pa xa.! at nagkaruon kme ng play. aq ang bida at xa ang bida den? so were partners! i dont know if im falling again. but un an nra2mdman q. lalo na pg prctice nmn? at my sweet moments? lge q cnsbe,, sna tumgil an oras pra gn2 lage! pro thats nonsense! .. haii. i wish i can be his girl forever. is this love!?




and that was my first terrible but memorable kiss. :) hope u like it.

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