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Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Yet another story of love lost.


there was no way he could like me.

look at him he was perfect tall, athletic, totally gorgeous.

and i was me, quiet and just not perfect.


there was just no way...yet there was.


we met in school, assigned the same table in a foreign foods class.

that class was the highlight of my day, the fact that we were even friends thrilled me. he was a year older and practically a god. i basically fell head over heels in a snap...along with like every other girl in the class. but he picked me to hang with, for god knows why...we threw flour at each other, playfully bickered over washing dishes and created the worst food ever. but it was so fun, and i always assumed my crush on him was no big deal.


near the end of the school year we started talking outside of class too. my friends fell in love with him too of course. and then one night we were on the phone, and he told me he liked me. i almost peed my pants, i told him i liked him to and we said our good nights. i fell asleep thrilled, but woke up with my stomach in knots.  his best friend saw me in the morning and started teasing me, saying how cute and precious we were and how excited he was to see me in class. i was excited too, but i was scared.  we talked more and decided to try to get to know each other before we started going out or anything.  but i never got over my fear, i didn't want to lose him as a friend by going out with him and not being good enough. eventually summer came and our conversations slowed. i kept making these lame excuses for not hanging out...i didn't know his friends, my parents wouldn't let me leave. all to cover up the fact that i didn't feel worthy enough for him.i lost him because of that. now he's moved on and has this gorgeous girlfriend...we still talk and say hi sometimes, but i literally die when i see them together.


the moral is...follow your heart...if you want in go for it.

don't make the same mistakes i did.  

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