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What will never be

now i am in grade 10

i know i mayb young and mayb its not love but all i know is that wen im with him im soo happy and i can just be myself without faking anything.

iv been friends with him for a while but this semester during spanish class we just kinda got closer and started talking more. at the time i had a boyfriend but i reallized i had feeling for my friend and not my bf so i brokeup with him. my friend seemd kinda happy that i was single

for a while i thought he might actually lyk me

but here comes the highschool part:

i askd my friend to send him a msg saying she thought i lykd him but he didnt lyk me back, so if he could stop leading me on.

well he nvr answerd her but he texts me saying "i hav to talk to you tmrrw" i askd him bout wat but he refused to tell me i finally guess it was about the msg i asked him if it was that he said yes. i had no other choice but deny it and he just said okay im glad you know we'll nvr be more than friends.


that night i cried my self to sleep


the next week he was telling me about this girl that he liked, and how special she was and how he thought he was in love, i had to fake a smile and be happy for him i remember saying "you guys are gonna date" my heart broke at that moment,, thinking of him with another girl kills me even now just writing about it.


my friends are no help they say i shud get ovr it,

bcuz its soo easy 8-)


no matter how young it still hurts.

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