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Never forgotten, i love you

i finally met someone that i could be myself around and not be so nervous around. we were so happy and i couldn't imagine my life without him. we would lie there for ages and just randomly he would say i love you babe. and then i started to change and he hated who i was becoming, not the girl i liked nor the girl he loved. he broke up with me because he couldn't take the the new me and wanted the old me back, so did i. its been nearly 3 months now and i carnt control myself or even sit there without crying. i fight myself to wake up to say today is going to be better, but it never is. i cry, i dream, i prey, i hope for one day he will want me back. we havent spkoen since the split sadlly, i dont have the nerves to. do i fight for him or do i stay like this til it stops? i just want him to know i love him and i just wish he will come back and that im so sorry baby i need you here with me. i want you back so i can never lose you again and i know how much you mean to me which is the world over and over again. I LOVE YOU!

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