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Why do they have to stop us?..

I'm just a normal girl.I am on my 4th year in chemical engineering and a call center agent at the same time. With this kind of lifestyle, I am a very busy person and stayed in dormitory. I used to have this kind of routine when I met another man named "Mike". He is a transferee taking up mechanical engineering. We sometimes see and talk to each other, share some things, but i did felt something


Days and months passed, I ignored everything. December arrived for christmas vacation and I was surprised that I received a text message from him.

"Sam, I wonder why I wanna be with you always..It seems that I wanna be with you rather than with other girls".

Unexpectedly my heart was so happy. I dont know why. I did respond and told him that I felt the same way.

Back to school again, I tried to find a way to talk to him but I failed to tell him first. I was shy. But one thing I have noticed, He seemed to go away from me. He seemed to treat me the same way, coz I might be expecting too much.

I tried to get drunk to get the nerve of telling him what I feel.Fortunately, that night went too fast but every moment was worth to cherish. We had our first kiss and something happened to us. We were happy.

The next day, he went back to my room to say goodmorning and I was happy that he really cared. During that weekend, he was asked by his parents to go home for their business. I missed him that much. So much that I need him for LIFE.

When he went back, I thought everything was just normal.He told me that he is so happy to inform his dad about us. But one thing is..his mom does not want him to have a gf unless he is able to finish his studies. Not just that, his mom told him that he will have to leave the school if he will not stop loving me. It hurts!

We tried to talk but all he wants to tell me are all lies. That he does not love me but when from the bottom of my heart I know how much he loves me. He tried to hurt me..I just cried and cried until we stopped it. Everyday we see each other at the dorm, just seeing his eyes so lonely and I am really mad. I tried to give him a choice to keep it secret, but i failed.He wants it official and he also hates me for i cant control myself for what we had done for the past few days.

Until now, we are suffering. Please help us..

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