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Were did it go wrong

one min we are happy the next its gone but were did it go wrong, i dnt knw i go over nd over it, but i just dnt knw.

it all started wen i fell so madly in love with this boy he was so cute, i was with him nearly 4 years he was my life my soul

i fell out with some friends years ago, but got back friends with dem awhile ago, i sud have knwn

he wud stay up late with her, wudnt cum 2 bed he stayed up with her all nite i sud av knwn, one day i was cuming hme frm work, i saw his car out side her hse, i left it said noting,

den der was one day i was lukn at his fone and i found sum pic of her on his fne,and den i took him away fr the weekend,

i think i just gave up on it all i knw he was seeing her bhind my bk but wen i knw fr sure,i packed my bags and left b4 he got hme he knw i knw, but every day he still begs me back,afer how much he hurt me why wud i. i gave him my life i gave him everything.i still love him so much more dan any thing in d world, but at d end of the day why wud i take back someone who cud do that.i will never go bk, but i ere he is still seeing her, she will never be me, she will never have wat we had,

i av a tattoo with his name on it pple say why dnt i get it covered over. i say the day i stop loving him will b the day i get it removed,

u knw who u are i will always love u now and 4ever,

but we will never be 2gether

love u always

frm babydoll xxxxxx

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