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We broke up, I called him back over and over

I never wanted to fall inlove, I didn't even know what it meant but the day i laid eyes on him i was sold from the start. This story isn't as chessey as it sounds. If your looking for true heartbreak story you'll read it here.

We met when we were really young but still "went out". He moved away for a year and i waited as long as i could. i then broke up with him cause i couldnt handle the distance.

we talked off and on and there was always something there.

he finally came back but he was seeing another girl, that i didnt know about. he made sure not to tell me either. i thought it was just me but i was wrong. i found out from a close friend and confronted him, he felt bad but words are words. i made sure not to open up to him after...so i thought.

i later gave him another chance and i fell completely inlove. From the start people were constantly telling me that he didnt deserve me but i believed in him, and gave him a cahnce. we had an amazing relationship for about 8 months. 8 months might not seem long to most but thats 8 months talking everyday, 8 months seeing them every OTHER day, thinking about them every second of the day.

the time was slowing coming to a stop and everyone saw it. i will always remember that night. i went out to dinner with my family and he called and the tone of his voice gave everyting away.

i called him back after and we had a pretty normal conversation for the first part. then, he started talking about some of his "bad friends" and how hard it was for him to see them go through such terrible things. i didnt understand what he was getting towards. finally he mananged the words..

"i think we should just be friends"

they still ring in my head over and over and over again.

i was indenial i asked if thats what he really wanted and with tears rolling down his handsome face he said yes.

we stopped talking i cried harder then i have ever cried in my life. i couldnt talk to anyone cause i felt nobody actually knew what i was feeling. so i kept it all in.

we got back together although our relationship was just dead by then. the next week we broke up for good.

i cried and cried but i knew i had to be the one to do it. he was pretty much asking for it. so i did it and called him back 6 times begging him to take me back.

i later found out he had cheated on me with the same girl he had done before.

its taken me over a year to admit this. i tell my story to let others know that if you think youve hit rock bottom it WILL get better. Also never let the person that matters most to you slip away, cause once their gone you wont get them back

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