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Lost Love

We actually didn't start out as the greatest of friends. We met before freshman year during a running camp. The very first time he said "hi" to me, it never even crossed my mind that we would ever be exclusive. We were both worlds apart. We differed in so many ways. He had his religion, I had mine. He thought a certain way, I thought differently. But I guess whoever said this was right: opposites do attract.

As time went on, we became closer and closer. He was my best friend. And though he had a crush on me since freshman year, I dated other guys. I was too scared to convey my true feelings for him. And everytime one of those guys had hurt me, he was there, comforting me and telling me that everything would be alright.

Sophomore year came and right smack dab in the middle of it all, we dated and soon became "exclusive." We were literally the perfect couple. We never fought, never argued, never got mad at each other. We loved each other with all our hearts. Our love was the rare kind. The kind you only see in movies, yet this was reality.

Our eleven months had just passed and though it seemed like we had been together forever (because we knew so much about each other), our love was lost. He told me he couldn't go out with me anymore on a Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was like a hit a brick wall. I know parents have a right to step in when things get bad. And his parents had the right to step in. But our relationship was never bad. We never took it far--our morals and values took over.

We still try to be "best friends," but things are defintely not the same. I feel like I was thrown out; eliminated from his picture. I wasn't given a choice, an option, nothing. But he didn't want to leave. We were forced to. And after I was given the most stupid compromise ever by his parents, I know we'll never be together--just the two of us. The compromise was: for every date he went on with me, he would have to go on a date with another girl...because that's how his dad did it when he was a young teenager.

I know our "love," personal love, is lost. But I still love him. More than he'll ever know.

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