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Knowing the truth.

When i first met him, i thought he were my everything. His first sweetest promise was not to leave me. Never would him. Yes i thought he was my first love. Deeply loving him. Been years with him right now but many things just change. The way he treat me and the way he pampered me, all change. I couldnt find the reason why. We were happy back than. Laughter fill us all. Was never a time to cry nor get hurt. But after a long journey with him, i started to notice the tears kept on dripping down from my cheeks. How hurt could i get? Firstly, knowing that he lie to me over and over again. Giving one chance wasnt enough,three? How many chances do guys really need? At the time, i was pregnant, yes his child. Giving birth to the baby was a hard thing to do. And family wouldnt allow me to go out anymore. At that time, i knew he was playing behind my back. When one day i was out with my sister, i saw him with another girl. How hurt can i really get? Drowning myself with tears.

Couldnt really understand how things work down here. Afraid of falling in love again. Haish.

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