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My not so happy ending

When i was a junior in high school my mom decided to move and i hated her for it. I was forced to leave my boyfriend Brodie of 2 years behind and my best friend Dahlia. It was hard  Saying goodbye to my first love. We both knew long distance relationships wouldn't work. When i finally moved into my new house and threw everything in my room it hit me. I would have to start all over in a new school.



On my first day i saw him. He was perfect. I ran into him completely by accident because i was reading my schedule and trying to figure out where i was going. He had green eyes and long brown hair. He had it pulled back into a pony-tail. I could tell he was some kind of Spanish. To light-skinned to be Dominican. I assumed he was Colombian. At first he was furious that i ran into him then he saw me and looked at me and apologized right away. He was staring at me the same way i was looking at him. His name was Santiago Eduardo Mantenna.



We had most of our classes together. He walked me to every single  one of my classes no matter how out of the way it was. He was easy to talk to. We clicked right away. At first he was hesitant to touch me and then i kissed him. It was more passionate then any other kiss i had with Brodie. It hurt me at first to think of Brodie but i deserved happiness. Someone wanted us together so why fight it?




That Friday he took me to his favorite Italian restaurant. When my mom met him i could tell she liked him. He was so charming. That was the night i knew i couldn't be with anyone besides him. He was the one.



We were inseparable. I went to everyone of his soccer games. And he went to mine. We were also voted most likely to stay together in our senior yearbook.



We had been together for a year now and we were finally graduating. He was acting strange and i thought he was going to break up with me because we were both going away to college to pursue our dreams. I was wrong. He got down on one knee and said

"Ophelia Corleone, i love you with all my heart. Before you My life was an empty night sky. It had some stars. Some point to living, until i met you. You flew into my life and lite my heart on fire. Will you marry me?"

I said yes. I gave him  my heart that night. Never looking back. This was my life now.



I instantly told my mom thinking she would be excited for me. I knew how much she loved Santi. What she she surprised me. She screamed at me saying i could never marry him. I thought it was because we were so young. I was wrong. She told me because he was Colombian and i was well white it would be wrong to have a mix child



It broke my heart to hear those words come out of her mouth. It hurt to know that we could never be together. I had to choose my family. I told my mom i could never forgive her for this but i would do as she said. I bought a plane ticket to Florida that night. I told her i couldn't bare the thought of looking at her and i needed to leave. She agreed. So loosing a daughter is better then having a mixed family. She bought the ticket for me. We had a second home in Florida. I would stay there. She said she would send me money once a week for food.




The next day i went to see Santi. his mom greeted me at the door and gave me a huge kiss and said welcome to the family Ophelia. I wanted to run out and never have to hurt him this way but i had to. I wasn't going to say goodbye. I had no intention of telling him i was leaving. I was just going to leave. I just wanted to kiss him one last time. To have him hold me and touch me in ways i will never let anyone else after today. I left after an hour. I didn't want him to catch on. I left him a letter saying i couldn't be with him anymore and that i don't love him in that way anymore. It was all i lie. I left my heart there that day. An hour later i was on my plane. It was all behind me now.





After being in Florida for a year i came back to visit. My friend Patrick was happy to see me when he came to get me from the airport. I wasn't visiting my mom. She chose this and these are the consequences. Patrick said we had to pick someone up on the way home. We pulled into a the parking lot of a bar and i could hear men laughing and having a good time. Patrick told me Santiago Was inside passed out. Ever since i left he has been there from open to close. Drinking his pain away. Trying to figure out what he did wrong. It hurt to see him like that. A dirty shirt on and 7 empty shot glasses in front of him. I walked over to him and shook him. he screamed "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" at least he was still the guy in a way. Just broken just the same as me. I shook him again and he jumped up. Arms ready to swing. As soon as our eyes met i felt my heart again. I found it.






I can still remember what he said to me. I can still feel his touch whenever i think of him. He asked me why i left. I told him the truth this time. He grabbed me and pulled me closer. Promise me you will never leave me again. I didn't have the strength to leave him again. So i promised with all my heart. He kissed me and i found myself again. This is where i belonged. We got into the car and Patrick was so excited that things were going to be okay. He must not have been paying attention because i heard a truck horn. Patrick was on the wrong side of the road. It was to late to swerve away. I managed to turn the car a little. It hit his side dead on.





I woke up in the hospital. My mother was sleeping in the chair beside me. Her eyes were red and i could see the tear stains on her face. When i readjusted myself she woke up. She began to cry again. All she could say was i'm 'sorry. I love you. This is all my fault i never should have done this. They never would have......

She stopped mid-sentence. Something happened and she was hiding it. I could feel the tears building up. I tried to get up but there were to many needles in me. I ripped some of them out and all i could was my mom hysterically crying. I shouted "WHERE IS HE! WHERE IS SANTIAGO?!" i ran out of my room. I made it halfway down the hall before my legs gave out. I could feel the pain now. I looked down at my body. I was covered in purple bruises and cuts and stitches.There was a cast on my arm and some weird thing around my midsection. I looked up and i saw his mother crying. Her hands were flying in the air towards me screaming and cursing. I didn't fight her. She was right to hate me. I knew it then. He had died that night. We were finally together again. I committed my self to him and i didn't deserve it. I should have stayed in Florida. Our hearts would be beating if i didn't come home





Santiago Eduardo Mantenna and Patrick Michael Rodriquez both died that day. Both only 19.

My heart stopped that day to. I lost the love of my life for good. I couldn't just fly home and see him now. He was gone. They both were gone. They meant so much to me. He was my life. My everything and only love.





To this day i stay locked away in Florida. I drink away my sorrows and count the days till i see him again. I still have never forgiven my mom. That day in the hospital was the last day i saw her. This was all because of her. She lives with that everyday.


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