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I Thought It was Real

I started dating this guy my freshman year of high school. I was known for being in long relationships, and i actually had just got out of one in the middle of my freshman year. Months past, and randomly I met this boy who was very good looking, and quite charming at the time. We hit it off great the first time we met, and dated only 4 days after that. I guess the reason why we had so much fun in the beginning of our relationship was because we barely knew each other, and getting to know him like that was the most fun experience I've had in a long time. He was sweet, and became my high school sweetheart since then. We spent an amazing summer together going into our sophomore year, and that was the best our relationship ever was. It could only get better when for out 1 year anniversary I went on a trip with him and his family to Park City, Utah. It was amazing with the cabin and the snow, and snowboarding til we were so tired we fell asleep together when we got back to the cabin. Things started to get a little rocky the summer going into my Junior year. He came with me to Disney world that summer, and that was the last time that I had ever felt truly loved by him. It breaks my heart to flashback to those moments, and look at him now and see how different all of it is. He ended up breaking up with me the beginning of junior year..and I broke down. It was the hardest thing I had ever gone through, and all I wanted was for him to want me back. 4 months past, and I got what I had wanted. He wanted me back because he got jealous when he saw me with someone else. 2 weeks after that, I told him I wanted him too. He turned me down. I've been waiting for him ever since that day, and i JUST found out last night, that he was using me..and never cared. His I love yous were all fake too. I'm writing my story because there are girls out there who don't know what their guy is thinking. Guy's need to tell the full truth instead of using a woman. I'm very heart broken right now, but I know I'll be okay. I just wish things were different, but pride is what is going to help me through this. I am better than how he has treated me. And for all the women out there who feel this way, have pride. You are better than that. Just like me.

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