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Flirting with all the girls

There was a boy who was madly after me trying to convince me that he loves me at last i accepted his love  and for a year we were along and slowly i felt that he is avoiding me when repeatedly asking him he told that he got engaged to some other girl when i asked him how he can do this to me he told that i his parents forced him cos that girl was orphan to this i thought he has done something very good and kept my life going and one day i happened to meet his friend whome i asked about this guy so his friend told me he was not worth me when i asked him why he saying all this to that he toldme that he didnt got engaged he just wanted to get rid of me so made all that stories actually he was flirt i could not believe that a guy who use to run after me like a mad just flirted with me i hated him for what ever he did with me but i still love him cos he was my first love

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