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The day i broke down completely.


    This is a heartaching story that i would be narrating from my personal life experience. It all began when i was studying bachelors. Attraction which i thought is normal at my age soon turned into love and i was unaware of wat was going around me. To b honest i lost control of my mind, i knew nothing except thinking about the girl. she was my classmate. always i used to get a snap shot of her in my eyes. driving,eating,sleeping n even talking to other girls i would c her in them. unnoticeably i used to eye her and whenever and whereever i always tried being close to her. it was a secret which i shared with noone. and then it happened in the final yr of my bachelors my secret was no more a secret. the girl rang me up late in the night and i was of loosing her frndship denied of my love 2wards her. tht was the day which i believe tht i should have been ashamed off. but later on after thinking for a long time with the mistake i've done i msged her n told her the truth, the truth tht i hid from her. n 4 my proposal i got a clean big NO . i felt like i lost life, i am a looser. after this incident i tried many times to win her but i never succeeded. the worst part was when i told her tht if her parents would say yes to my proposal will she agree? she told tht not even in the next life or ever she would marry me. i am good person i dont smoke nor drink or eye girls or nyother bad habbits. then why should i suffer? the only reason she has for rejecting me is she is already been proposed and after a thorough search i found tht even thts a lie. i left india in hope of wiping out those memories but i guess i coul'nt . some of her frnds say cause i am not settled n from middle class family i got rejected. nyways i hope the best for her n alll of them who r in my position.

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