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She's gone...and i don't know where she is

First time i saw her was during the middle of 8th grade. We were in 2 different cliques, while she was in the whole emo/scene myspace group, I was

part of the troublemaker delinquent kids. Despite our difference, she was the one of the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, but of course i kept this to myself. Later in the year, we discovered that we're in the same drama class.

"You were everybody's boyfriend" she said jokingly to me as we talked about our experiences at that class. Well she was right. During the time period in drama class, i have flirted with every girl in that class except Marissa(her name). I've always been shy with Marissa even though im always confident with other girls. Then out from nowhere, Marissa sent me an instant message saying "Hi". Then that's when it took off. We hung out secretly, but the people already knew due to her habit of telling all of her friends anything. My friends then don't seem to mind because i told them that i had no feelings for her.

As we hung out more, my feelings for her started to develop more and more.

I tried to stop it, but the more I hold back the more my feelings get out. So i decided to stop hanging out with her, I even stop talking to her. She tried talking to me but i just ignored her. Then she finally realized that I didn't want anything to do with her. So she did the same. It was very hard for me because i thought of her 24/7. Then i got myself a girlfriend so i could stop thinking about her. Unfortunately it didn't work. I end up breaking with my girlfriend then confessed my feelings to Marissa. It took about a month for me to convince her to be my girlfriend. We were very inlove, summer of 07 was my best summer because of her. We hung out with each other almost everyday and loved every moment of it. Then highschool started and she went to different school. This situation made us more in love because, it triggered us to want to see each other more. I stopped smoking and doing drugs for her. Then she started dressing different(she started wearing

abrecombie,hollister,and etc..). She also stopped her emo habits such as cutting herself and being depressed all the time. We had all this plans about the future from getting married to the name of our future kids. We fought a lot but i always win. Despite all the fighting we were very inlove, as if we couldn't get enough off each other.Then after the winter break she moved to our school.We got caught making love at school campus.We both got suspended for 5 days. Then during the suspension she called me and then she said that her mom might put her in some kind of theraputic boarding school in Oregon. At first i wasn't worried then days turned to weeks. No phone calls or anything. Then i decided to talk to her big sister who hates me. She said that I would never see Marissa again. I begged and begged, but nothing works. I was obssesed on finding her, but all the efforts i made progressed into nothing.....then i gave up. Until now i still don't know here she is. Not even a goodbye was said before she left. Her parents cut all of our communications. Where ever she is, i hope she's alright

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