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I will never forget u

His name is Adrian Marin. I met him senior (2006). He never found out about my feelins n never will. He was perfect in my eyes. He wasnt all dat cute but he was so adorable n sentimental which made me fall for him as hard as i did. He was my first true love. Yes i was 17 at da time but this was different. It was a beautiful feelin. I always tried gettin his attention but i knew we were just friends. We taked about everything. He was a sweet guy. He's wat every girl wants in a guy. Graduation came n we all went our seperate ways. I have him as a friend on myspace but i dont have da guts 2 talk 2 him. Its been 2 years n i still love him. I dream wit him n wat could of happened. I dont think i would ever find a guy like him. But its my fault because i never had the courage to say I LOVE U.. He will remain in my heart forever. I still love him and probably always will but im a coward. Im too afraid of rejection. I just love him in silent and whenever i hear i love song i think of him. I will always love u ADRIAN!

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