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I will just relate my feelings in a letter form...


         You know what, I'm really hurting until now..I know, you don't have an idea that I have  feelings for you..Yeah,it's true..!That's why, every time I see you sad because of Asheng, Im also hurting..I know i cant replace Asheng in your heart, I can clearly see how much you love her, I'm not dreaming to become your girlfriend coz I know it's impossible.What I only want is to see you moving on..I'm not being "contrabida". It's just that, I dont want to see hurting because of her..Can't you see,,,? She doesn't love you..so please, learn to move on..not for my own benefits, but for your own good...If only Asheng appreciates you the way I did, I will be very happy seeing both of you...I'm not selfish..I only want your happiness..hope, as time goes by, you will actually learn to forget her, for you to be happy...I'm not expecting to be loved by you..I know it will never happen..but honestly, if only I can dictate your heart, I will really say, "pwede ako na lang"?...If only love has applications...If only, it's voluntary,, I will really say,"I'M HERE!"

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