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Glory 08

It all began when i stepped on to the carnival glory last summer. I never expected to find love on that ship. But i did and her name name was Christina. At first i didn't even notice her until the second day on the cruise. When I met a group of cool girls, her and another girl named katie were going to get ice cream up on the top deck so i decided to go with them. We walked to the elevator and waited for the door to open and being as goofy as i am i thought it would be funny to act cocky so i put my shades on and said,"excuse while i look good." Katie didn't think it was that funny but Christina started dying laughing. So i thought i was pretty cool, so the entire cruise i kept coming up with cocky jokes while at the same time getting to know Christina better and it wasnt til that night when saw her on formal night in a beautiful dress that i realized how extraordianrily gorgious she was. From that night on i was hooked. There was this boy named Ryan he liked her as well but he was a little crazy, following her every where she went. So she came to me trying to escape from him. We ran all over that ship just trying to keep away from this wierdo. Though during the day when the ship would dock we would be with our parents on the islands, but when night rolled around we would all be back on the cruise ship and i would get to see her again. Every night was the same after that  we would hang in a club for teens called club O2. Then the final night came i got the courage to dance with her and even to this day i remember the song was called Forever by Chris brown. It was about midnight and i looked into her eyes wondering does she feel the same about me. But instead saying anything we hugged and she said "goodbye" and i told her "dont say goodbye because that means we wont see each other again."

I then walked back to my room and went to bed. Then it came to the morning and our ship returned back to Port Canaveral Florida. I walked up stairs to the buffet to get some breakfest before i left and saw her with her family eating breakfest that morning. I thought to my self this is my chance to let her know how i feel. But i lost the courage to so i walked away and went to my bedroom and finished packing. Then i realized i may never see her again so i ran up stairs to tell her but when i got there it was too late she had already left and i ran to the window over looking the ramp exit off the ship and i saw her leave my life forever.



So always tell someone how you feel or you will go the rest of your life wondering.


Ill never say goodbye Chirstina..........



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