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Heart broken </3.


i dated this guy, Ryan for a long time. we loved each other, i still love him but i know he doesnt want to be with me anymore but hey i guess i have to deal with it. he broke up with me over a text message after going to his ex girlfriends party the night before. after that we talked and we were friends, then it ended up "friends with benefits" and i guess things happened. idk its a long story but then we got in a fight and then we didnt talk for a long time. but after awhile we started talking again, and of course things happened...this time we DID IT. then he made me promise that i wouldnt tell anyone, i swore i wouldnt, then i told my best friend and she told him and then he texted me flipping out. and he denies it and denies it and he calls me names...but then i realized my period was 3 weeks late...i took a test and im pregnant. and to this day i still am and he keeps telling people that its not his kid and i just found out today that hes dating my ex best friend.

i dont understand how he can do this, like honestly guys are idiots and i hope that he learns his lesson...


thanks for reading this, and if you've been in this situation or something i wanna hear about it, sooo write a story :D

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