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Save me

i was so inlove with a girl named jane. back then no one can separate us even her mom.. her mom wont approve to our relationship because i was nothing compared to them. i wasn't every girls dream i had no car and no cash. all i can offer her.. is my love,my faithfulness, and my life. we were together for 4 years. sadly it didnt last longer than i thought it would.. she left me. the day before my birthday she dumped me. i dropped down on my knee begging her to change her mind, i was so hurt. i cried so hard but she didnt even care.she said that she fell out of love for me. a few days passed i still cannot believe that we were not together anymore. i gathered my strength and courage to face her mom and ask about her. i went to her house and find her chatting with someone online, gladly her mom wasn't home, i had the chance to talk to her, begging and kneeling infront of her still it didnt work.. she touched my face and said. see him.. (a guy on the screen of her computer) he's jeff and i met him online, we are chatting for almost a year now and last week we realized that we are ready to meet in person and have a relationship together, and i had to do this. this is for my family and for me too.. i am really sorry. do you like him?, i asked. whats not to like?, she replied. i had a mixed emotion back then i was so angry and so hurt with what she said. im not numb if thats what she thinks. those words of her killed me. i snapped, i stood up and went for a glass of water. instead of drinking it i poured it on the monitor and cpu of the computer. and she was so scared of what i just did and yelled for her dad. i took control of everything i hugged and kissed her so hard because i knew it would be the last time that i could feel her in my arms and on my lips. then his dad came running after me. i was ready to face everything that he got. i stopped running and faced him. he punch me right on my left eye and i fell. i stood up again and yelled is that all you got?? and punch me back on the ground,stood up again and shouted! kill me you bitch!!(pointing to jane) i have given everything to you! my life! my friends! my family! me!! you are everything to me! you are my life! i have nothing else. i have no more friends thanks to you! and now my family hates me thanks to u again! and ull just leave me with nothing??? i am sorry if i haven't given you expensive things but i still make everything special for all occasions that we had. i just cant understand why you wont even hesitate to give me another chance. and fell on my knees again.. her parents listened to everything i said and they can really see how i felt for their daughter. before i left, i asked permission to hug her and apologize.. and left her a note saying: you are my life pls save me.

i waited for hours, days, weeks for her reply.. and realized that their will be no one to save me at all. after a year.. i have been in and out of the hospital trying to save myself from my misery...now.. im still on the process of recovery.. trying to get myself busy with online games and everything. it has been 2 years...im still not over her.

_would someone please save me?

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