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It may be long but you won't regret it...Sarah Jilg

ive read some pretty shitty stories on this site i've read stories of forbidden love. ones of great loss, and even ones about being dumped. And i can't help asking you guys how do you live when you lose everything you live for? It makes me cry to think that one day i will have to say goodbye. i never want to do that. i wish that if i must say goodbye our love will take us away together just like in the Notebook. i read a story about a young woman losing her love and at his funeral kissing every petal of the flower. I read one about forbidden love and being on a highway at 2 a.m. So i have a question...for those of you who have lost everything how do you live? how do you go by everyday and not want to die? i would kill myself.

this isn't the first time ive written about my story. infact it is the 4th time. But telling about my problems dosn't help me it helps to educate people on the dangers and wonders of falling in love. I wish that i could feel something other than sadness and pain when i think of the future but i can't.

Love is like the battle of Gettysburg. So many go into it. Few live through it. But if you do you will be a stronger person.

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