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My Immortal Love

Because I get excited too much at times I'm jumping into conclusion already, which is really not right. well I entitled my story as My Immortal Love(supposedly Not Another Jeff in my Life or Not another Jeff Story) because I've fallen for too many Jeff already and the thing is this one, "OUR" story really differs from the other Jeff's of my life...this may get you bored or make you yawn as you continue reading but I wish that you'll like this cause somehow, in some case you'll see yourself relating on my story.

Jeff and I met on this Cell phone Christian Chat site like I think almost two years ago already (I won't say the site name anymore to protect myself of course, haha) he buzz on me asking my ASL, and I was like talking to 6 or more unknown people back then but I still manage to greet him and answered his question (21-F-N.E) what abt. ur ASL? den he answered (M-21-Pampangga) so after that question we conversed on more sensible things (He's the most sensible guy that I've spoken with that day and I was too...haha) then afterward we are like chatting everyday for like three days until I think he was the one who ask for my number first and I asked for his number too. I was looking forward on him texting me but he didn't so I texted him first the very next morning and there you go we become text mates (cheap huh? no it's cool actually...and sweet) we became friends as time passes by and until five moths ago we really became like best buddies though we haven't seen each other yet. He’s like telling me his problem with regards of his GIRLFRIEND. yes he's got girlfriend (that took me some time to re-manage my feelings because as I have said on my very first line I've become a conclusionist that I have misinterpreted the way he talks on his messages but I manage to gather my shits again and talks like a modest damsel and become a lending ear and a crying shoulder for him, yup a martyr...put a bullet on my head, shoot me!) since then on I enjoyed replying his messages day and night every minute of the day as every seconds counts as my wall clock ticks, he become my addiction, something like a drug that you'll get used to...very addictive...I rushed every time I hear my phone beeps, hoping that I'll see his name on it (JEFF-1 new message)I was like giggling so happily. He's got a problem on her girl's mom though...I don't know the reason why the girl’s mom hates him so much that she even calls Jeff threatening and scolding him and saying hurtful things to him like "LEAVE MY FUCKING GIRL ALONE, YOU DON'T DESERVE HER GET LOST!" (of course I added up some line to make it more mean...haha) he recorded the whole call and after the mother ended the call he texted me and tell me the whole story, I was like so sad after hearing it, cause I won't like my mom scolding my man, who would want that right? that would be MEAN right? So two weeks ago I was so happy because we are like texting non-stop hahaha...I even dreamed of him the whole week I don't know why but I did. And guess what after wards the girl texted me, actually she had texted me before and was like so mad at me...she's jealous at me...I mean who's girl wouldn't be if they found out that their man has another text mate right? I think maybe his man even texting more than he is texting her...hahah...cause Jeff even say that "YOU WE'RE THE ONLY REASON I AM REGISTERING FOR UNLIMITED TEXT...YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE I WAS TEXTING, I WANT TO TALK TO SOMEONE...I NEED TO...CAUSE I REALLY WANNA SCREAM RIGHT NOW" there you go...he did tell something like that and I was freaking happy, I want to sit besides him and like comfort him, that very moment I want to steal him from her (JEFF BE MINE?)...I am hurting of course...I like him so much that I even cry...I've almost completely fallen for him...I didn't mean to but I can't stop myself...though I am really trying hard up to this moment. He's so sweet, like Cudbury- I'm getting use to you. Last night we are texting up till almost 1 in the morning and we were like talking stuffs till we've end up tackling his girlfriend's jealousy on me. I was like trying to stop myself from saying "WHAT THE FUCK! ARE YOU NUMB? Do you ever think When you’re all alone All that we can be and Where this thing can go?" I was like LYING when I said "TELL YOUR GIRL THAT I WON'T STEAL YOU FROM HER" (though I really really want to grab him and like steal him from her completely!) I was crying but then I manage to adore him for still being faithful to the girl somehow I guess? And because of his S-W-E-E-T-N-E-S-S and thoughtfulness. If only you guys can read his messages I think you will also jump off of your sit just to grab you phone and gave your face a big smile after seeing his message. I don't know why, but every time I try to keep my self off of him he'll come teasing me. I've made a couple or more LOVE POETRY for him; though I've put another man's name on it but it's HIM actually...It's Jeff. I'm already hurting that's why I know I'm beginning to love again...He thought of us as SOUL MATES I've thought of him as MINE other pair of Heart. If Only you can be mine, I'll keep you in my heart forever because I may die but not my love for you which will be forever immortal.

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