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A Wasted Love

We went to the same university and graduated together. I was then a struggling nursing student, and he is an active leader in Sociology society. He is also a frat men and a master initiator. One day, as I step out from the library, I was astonished when a young guy approached me and vow his head and offered me flowers...It was then I discovered that it is part of the initiation of guys who would like to join their fraternity.

As nursing student,academic study as well as clinical practice is such a grueling task.With his presence, my nursing life seems less difficult.I appreciate his care, support and tender love.He will send me home or accompany me to my library works every now and then. My family knows him and became friends to my sister. When graduation day came, we even had happy photo together..Until then, the course of our path began to part.

I was employed in the province, and he stayed in the city. We see each other during weekends because of the distance. It never occurred in my mind and heart that he will find another girl. Much younger than me. His infidelity continued until finally, he impregnated the girl. He confess this to me.The pain was so great at that moment, I thought I will almost die. I had never felt such intense emotion. I love him truly that I am not ready to give him up.

But I have to decide...to let him go or to hold him still. After a painful decision, my love for him prevail that I decided to set him free. I know that decision will cause me pain for the rest of my life. But my love is so great that I have to set him free. I want things to be easy for him..As I left him...I had never told him the true reason why I set him free...After more than 13 years...we never see each other and talked..and he never knew that my great love for him is still in my heart...I still love him...despite of..despite what happen...I am now a successful Nurse...I married for convenience...with a family of my own...still my heart continue to love him...

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