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Loving a boy.

I've known this guy, and I've known him since 2nd grade, and I've liked him ever since. It's bin 7 1/2 YEARS! It happened when he moved into my complex he lived about 5 doors down. He ALWAYS use to come over to my house or we'd always sit outside my porch (like the steps) or on his. We were almost like bestfriends. The whole time even before I met him. it was like when I FIRST saw him..I started to like him. It's bin 7 1/2 YEARS, now and I honestly STILL like him... I wanted to tell me SO badly but it was hard, I could never get it out. He's like a class clown, everyone loves him. He's got big brown eyes and curly/wavy hair, hes cuiter when he straighten's it ;) once he came over to my house at 7am before school and told me to straighen his hair..obviously my parents weren't home only my sister and than we walked to school, otehr times he'd always come to my house at 8 and walk to school with me, but anyways yeah now were in highschool, my friends made me make myself a promise the NEXT time I see him or talk to him I'll tell him.. but the thing is I haven't seen him for a while =( sometimes he hangs out with me and my friends cause we sit and this table all the time so he knows were we always are if he needs us. But it's bin soo long since I've liked him I can't even believe it! Sometimes we flirted and stuff like that.. but I don't think he knows I like him.. I don't know if he even likes me =S So now I'm just going to text him or maybe call him and tell him I need to talk to him in person because if I tell him on MSN or text message I wont really know his reaction and he might think I'm lying..

Anyways so yeah. there my sad story abuot a guy I've liked since... forever and who knows if he'll ever find out anytime soon.

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