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He got my heart but she got his heart .

There was one time I attend a birthday party of our neighborhood, and then I met this guy , let's call him "BB" , that's his nickname. At first I didn't get his attention, because I'm a type of girl who just ignore everyone unless if they approach me. Until then, May (the mother of the celebrant) introduce me to him, then there we started to talk, it makes me feel so great talking to him, feels like I'm happy being with him and always smiling, til the night ends. And after that, we were txting, chatting, and starting seeing each other, and til then I fell inlove with him , he courted me then I answer him, I never knew he had a girlfriend til he confess it to me , that he had but she's in Korea. It's so hard for me to accept it, I felt guilt on my heart. I wanna run away and don't wanna see him again, but my heart tells me to stop. Then, here me being martyr and desperate accepting the fact that he has another girlfriend. I broke up with but he don't want it, so we continued our ralationship carrying this pain I felt inside, but there was a point that he make me feel like im nothing to him, his taking me for granted, sometimes he doesn't call me anymore or even txt me. Then one of my friends that is close to him tells me, that he confesses it to her that he loves his girlfriend in Korea so much and he can't broke up with her, when I heard that, my tears fall and I don't want the day would end without breaking up with him, so we broke up and it hurts me alot, 3 months being with him is a very memorable. He's the one who make me feel special. Sometimes i wonder, why it ends like this? Til now, Im still carrying the pain and ';m still missing him..=[ I still love him..

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