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Messed up mother in law


My story is probably a story that many can relate to. I was 18 when i met my ex-boyfriend. We fell in love, hard and true and we had a nice relationship that contained of ups and downs...the ups were so high up it was very easy to forget the downs...the downs were his mother.

From the first time i met her she didnīt like me...why? Because i have a good education, my own job, and i am "up to date", see his mother wants him to be with a woman that does not have an education and a woman who has no job of her own. His mother wants his wife to work for him (since he has his own buisness)and she wants her to be 100%dependent on him. She does not like me because she thinks iīm too much "my own".

Sheīs obsessed with her son...she bought him an apartment right next to her apartment so they can be neighbours for life. She helps out with his buisness and she buildt him a large house in another country and she wants him and his future wife to go on hollidays there every year! WITH HER! (and her husband)

After 1,5 of dating she told him that he "was not allowed" to marry me, and if he did he would loose all the houses, apartments, buisnisses. He put up a fight, but wasnīt too strong...

We broke up...and were seperated for 8 months.

During this time he struggeled with her and she saw how bad he was doing, she "accepted" me back...

We got back together and things were going ok, untill i met her again. She was pretending to be nice, but all the while she was talking about me and telling me (preparing) me for how i have to act if i marry her son. Theese were her demands: 1. Besides my own job, i have to help out with his buisness, work saturdays and hollidays. 2.we have to live next to her. 3. Go to trips together. 4. spend our honeymoon in their house in another country (with them there)5. I, as his wife have to "serve" his parents and familly. 6. Cook, clean (be a "real" woman) along with many more demands that i can not recall right now.

He said i didnīt have to listen to her and weīre still gonna do our own thing. That turned out to not be true...

We had been dating for 4 years and i said it was time to get married...he said he agreed but he was postponing it all the time. We went to look for rings and he came up with excuses like: i forgot my card....this and that...

Summer came and i told him stay here this summer, lets get married, move in together, go on a trip...just the 2 of us.

He ended up going to his villa with his familly....

That was the end of us. After the summer he came back, wanting to be with me again...but this time i said no. What goes around, really does come around.

But i canīt get over him i love him still and i know that if it wasnīt for that witch of a mother of his we could have had a really nice life together, he was my first love and i am scared that i will never feel that way about anyone else. Iīve gone on dates and dated but nothing ever came close...ī

i think iīm gonna give up on men...i found someone i saw my self with forever and she took it all away...now i just donīt care anymore...

I blame him aswell he should have been man enough and not cared about what she was saying...but he wasnīt strong enough...and i guess he didnīt love me enough...cause if he did he would not let this happen...

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