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Love You.

In my life, i wasn't chosen to have the beat father, he was nasty and mentally horrible- always yelling and never listening. I was far too scared to fall for any guy, it seemed that everywhere i looked, there was a magazine saying that there's more of a chance that daughters marry their fathers personality. It was driving me crazy as when a guy came along, i used to pick at them constantly and seek out if they at all reminded me of my dad.

Anyway, when i reached college, there was this guy (new), 24, training to be a tutor, i assumed he was o.k. When we first spoke, it was on the phone, he seemed interesting and gave a feeling of warmth, he spoke nicely and i was longing to see him. When we first met, he had a beautiful smile, not just saying it, and his personality was very nice. He was easy going, polite and normal. I fell for him, couldn't help it, but as always my mind had ended up picking again to see at all if he reminded me of you no who. Time had passed, i fell for him deeper each time we met, in the end i gave up on picking on him. He didn't act like my dad at all. I know that they say love is blind but i honestly couldn't find anything bad on him. I felt that we definitely had a connection, it was hard to make a move though as i was a student and he was a tutor. I loved every minute talking to him and gazing at him.

The saddest part of it all was when he left, i was devastated, he returned once a few months later but had no confidence what so ever to talk to him. He had looked straight at me, i just kept looking away. I think i remember crying that night. I felt too on edge to ask the other tutors where he went, as my face would go red and it would be too obvious. It was the first time for real that i had ever fell in love. I think of him most days, just can't forget him.

Although i missed out on being with him, the experience has taught me something, and thats not every guy has a bad personality and that if you've had a bad father figure, don't judge all men to be the same.

Love you Harry x x x x x

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