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I wishh.....

here's a story about a girl i met on the Internet through another friend we started to talk and stuff, during those few months we talked on the phone and on the Internet everyday i started to have feelings for her but later on i got sent over seas, which i felt a bit of depression but that distance didn't stop me for having my feelings about her, 6 months later i got back from overseas she wanted to catch up with me but i was too busy later on she asked me to eat out with her but i had plans for that day.

i found out about a week later the day before valentines day she was going out with someone which made me heart broken i admit it i had a bit of a cry later on, she went overseas for about a month or 2 and that was when our bond started to fade away and we didn't talk for months,i tried so hard to get over her so bad i was on drugs for a while but not for too long because i thought those drugs such as marijuana would help me get over her in a way, just when i got over her she started talking to me recently and again i noticed she had another boyfriend, it hurt me so much i didn't know what to do anymore, but from this day i still have those feelings for her and i wish i was the one that was her someone special the day before valentines day, i wish i could be the one to make her happy, i wish i was the one who could make her smile when she was down but i guess i cant do that anymore it will never happen anymore, because you only get 1 chance with love and if you stuff up its over... i still love you....

just proves that the love quote "It takes a minute to have a crush on someone,

an hour to like someone, and an day to love someone...

but it takes a lifetime to forget someone." is true... i never knew love could hurt so bad and hurt for a very very long time

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