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Love is risky

It all began in freshman year in high school. I saw him for the first time, his green eyes staring into mine. My best friend Kevin put his arm around my shoulder greeting me. He saw the boy I was uncontrollably staring at and he dragged me with him walking straight towards the boy. "Evan, this is my friend Summer," he introduced. He didn't take his eyes off of me...it was embarrasing because, I could've looked down...but didn't. "Hello Summer," he smiled. He had the most precious smile that made your heart melt. "Hi," I said casually, trying to hide the fact I was in love with him.



Senior Year


It was bottled up inside me. I couldn't hold it any longer because soon, I would explode. Someone had to know I loved Evan. I thought Kevin would be the perfect person to tell. At lunch, I called him over to my table. All of my friends left. "Yeah Summer?" he asked. "Kevin, I know you can keep a secret," I began. "Of course I can," he smiled. I smiled back, "The thing is...I kind of like Evan. Like is an understatment though. I love Evan." I announced. Shock and anger was mixed on his face. "WHAT!" he exploded. People looked over at us. "Shh!" I warned. "What's wrong with you?" I asked. "Why would you love Evan?" he asked me. "I don't get it, what's wrong with that?" I asked. "What's wrong with it? The thing is...I love you," he admitted. I stared at him with shock and embarrasment. I should've never told him. "You do?" was all that came out of me. "Yes Summer, I do," he spat walking away. I couldn't believe it. Kevin was to...friendish to me to be my love. After all these years. I couldn't belive it. I sat there at the table, staring at the ground. Evan came up to me. "Hey," he greeted. "Hey," I mumbled. "What's with Kevin? I heard him yelling at you," he asked. "I don't know," what I said was the truth and a lie. I did know, but not completley.


6th Period

Kevin wasn't at his seat. He was gone. I worried. Where was he?


7th Period

Kevin still hasn't came. I became scared. My heart actually skipped a few beats.


After School

I decided to give Kevin a call. He didn't answer his cell. I called his home phone instead. His mom answered and was crying. "Summer, never call again." "What?" I asked. "Kevin died ok?" she hung up on me. I couldn't belive it. My best friend...Died. I cried all night that night. I actually though suicide was neccessary. I can't belive it. Over me? The most imperfect thing...


That's my unfortuante story for you....I still ache this day thinking about it. Evan and I are still friends...and yes, he does know how I felt for him. We were together until college, but he is still my friend, and we both ache to this day espically, because this is a day where a true friend died.

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