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kacy richardson miranda lee

15 December, 2010

well i met this girl her eyes so bright and blue

the love she feels inside she thinks should she persue?

untill one day a guy came into her life he promised to her away from the pain strugles and strife

sometimes love is just another story and sometimes it hurts

but its better to have experienced then to have never loved at all

where did she come from and what does she see in me

hopefully there such a thing as happy endings if a thing is ment to be

i use to be blind but she maid me see nothing is impossible

what are his intentions? does it matter? its enough for me to just be, for him to just be around me is a gift. even if things didnt work out between us i believe its worth it, you cannot appreciate the sunshine without the rain.

forgive the rain for its attack, the clouds have tears they cant hold back.

forgive the trees for letting go of their leaves, their only aspiration is to be free.

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