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The impossible capture of my soul mate the non-committal beauty qeen.

04 August, 2012

I was 50yrs old when I became involved with this lady...she truly just knocked me off my feet...She had all the goods...truely an every mans desire..(EYE CANDY WOO WE)....We I first met her at work I coundlnt hardly bring myself to look at her because here I was still living with my x-wife and lets say where we were quite un-attached in many ways after my two daughter grew up, Actually consiidering seperation ANYWAY...So I meet this beutifull bombshell...brunett hazel eys 42yrs old face like an angel...very phalumtious/curvascious a total foo foo lady...looked good, well maintained and sexy. She smelled good. soft and tender lips..her skin as soft as velvet she was very sexy, charming, teasing, funny, a spotanious spirited wild lady.I Felt alive again something like when you meet the very first love of your dreams...Her name was Barbie....and I think she musta sprinked some barbie dust on me or somethen because I have never been the same man since... I was so stunned...didint know how to act...so I got a divorce and persued her...and helped her get through her divorce as well...Well,after over 8 year+ up and down relations of a still trying to woe her into a genuine committmented relationship but She still wont commit...says she was married twice already and didnt want another man to control what she now wanted to do now...I bouught her a 2 karat diamond and proposed but that didnt work...I would pretty much do any thing for her but She want the single life style and also has some male friends she like to go biking with..She gets bored very easy...I was thinking of rent a horse and a knight and shinning out fit to propose again but I Fear mr rejection..Help ME I cant convince her to settle down with me...My heart is breaking...I feel I am losing her..SHE IS MY DREAM GIRL, I dont want to loose her but she keep me on hold/stand by for what? Lost and confused..please advise

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