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He was my everything

29 December, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

All the pain I'm feeling right know is unexplainable. It all started a couple of months ago. I live in Paterson NJ my whole life and I've never had met someone like him.His name was Jay, he had moved from NY and were looking for new friends. Myspace is a very famous website so he sent me a friend request. Everything started as a simple friendship but every single day we talked i started to grow deep feelings for him in my heart. One night i was very heated and had no one to talk to and there he was.that night he confessed his love for me which made me the most happiest girl on earth i was exteremly elated that he felt the same way as me. We began to flirt and share secrets with each other he promised me that we was going to hang out and that that special night he was going to ask me out but all he did was talk and never try to make that happen. My trust for him began to decrease each day and now my heart was breaking apart.

On thanksgiving he wrote me a letter that made me want to be with him my whoel life it said "ahhhbabe -* thanksgiving . today is a day to be thankful & today i wokeup w . a thought of you on my mind . i know plenty are thankful for you.

pero me ? im ohdee over the top graceful . i appreciate youohdee . your really somethinq to cherish . because if you were not herememories of having one of the best girls ever in my life ; will beblurred .

god i get the best feelinq -* in the word when ihere your name & see you happy . your happiness is my happiness& it wont be complete unless i know your doing just fine . goshyour most deffinitely one of a kind to me ; & there is'nt anythingesle i'll rather do then to be here right now -* . to thank you forbeing in my life . & let you know that your amazinq . someone hasto tell you right ? yali i loveyoutoo much to forget about you on a daythats only important because of ppl like you . you make thanksgivingthankful . & once again i adore you ohdee & nothing less <3

x_ JayStar

Chritsmas was another day as usual, he promised me we was going to be together but that never happened he just dissappear and now he's gone. he has changed a lot i can't even recognized him all i know is that what i'm feeling right now is breaking me apart like he said "i'm not a player i'm just a guy with plenty of great options" if he thought ofme as an option then why didn't he stopped me when i told him i was falling deep for him? now im in mi room crying mi heart out because i've had fallen for some one who didn't deserve my heart or even my love all i know is that love is just a word that made my life a nightmare.

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