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He was a liar

07 May, 2008

I met a man on girlsdateforfree. His profile said he was a teacher of maths in a school in Portsmouth. Owned his own house and had brought his daughter up on his own.We startede-mailing then met up for coffee. My first instincts werehe doesn't look like a teacher, but thenI thoughtwhat doesa teacher look like.Wellwe started arelationshipalthoughhe alwayscameto my place. Eventually,Iturned up at hishouse.It latertranspired thatit washis Mother's ex council house,he was not a teacherbut a builder and it was obvious that he was struggling financially.If he hadof been honest from the beginning I wouldhavewanted to co ntinuearelationship with this man.Theonly problemI had was that he was a liar.A thiefyouhave evidencea liaryou neverknow whereyou are.By the way I'm 56 and he was51. Maybe itis time forthis guyto stop playing games.

It's taken me a while to get overthis guy but I'll get there.Just beware that not everyoneis honest and that people men and womenhave hidden agendas when they go onthe dating sites.

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