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He's all i think about,

13 May, 2009

I was 12 and he was 13 and he never knew i was a live. I told him a liked him but he said that i wasn't pretty so he didn't like me! Well my best friend was friends with him. She tried so hard to talk to him for me and he began to hate me. So i was just like its not worth it or anything. So I get to high school and have alot of problems and my friend Brittany gives me Cody's number and says he wants to help you, So me and cody start talking and he really helped me alot. But before him and I started talking to each oher i would see him in the hallway staring at me. So that night i asked him why he always looked at me. And that night he told me that it was because i was so beautiful and he couldn't believe that he missed a chance with me. I told him he didn't miss his chance that it could happen. And we started talking and we started dating. But now its the end of the school year and he's a senior and he's gonna be gone,and I'm going to miss him so much, We broke up last night because we thought it was best. But what do you do when you just truley don't want to let that person go?

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