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He died for anothr women

27 November, 2008

I loved him from the very start..,,

But i know he didnt love me back!!

I know that..,,

He love my friend more than me..,,

Were on together for a trip..,,

That was the day I admit that it wad getting deep and deep evry hour were together..,,

Were sweet..,,

We talk about each other's life..,,

But I dont want to talk about wat him and my friends real score..,,

Maybe Its too painful for me to accept ol the facts..,,

But theres a point that i want to ask him to free my mind from so much qustion..,,

I dcided to keep silence..,,

Taking a deep breath..,,

And start counting the star..,,

Thingking watz next after this trip..

Will me and I still close???

will be the end of our friendship???

will it be friendz for ever???

4 years after..,,

the second question is rolling..,,

we didnt meet after that..,,

Im shock and tears fall apart wen i hard the news....

He died...

he died in suicide..,,

take note..,,

just bcoz of othr girl..,,

I dont know if still im inlove!!!

But everytime my past back..,,

its still he is the person i dont want to loose..,,!!!!

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