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He didn't tell me (true story)

31 May, 2007

When I was 15 I was so excited. I was finally going to be a high miracle! The very first day when I entered the doors the first thing that caught my eye was a very handsome guy. He was about 6'1'' and he had brown hair, blue eyes and was muscular. From what I could see was that he was on the football team. From then on I made it my goal to get his attention.

About half way through the year, amiraclehappened. I was coming out of the bathroom and I ran into somebody. I had lost my balance and was falling to the ground when strong arms came around me. After a few seconds i opened my eyes. I looked at the most beautiful blue eyes on this earth.

"Are you OK?" The guy I had had a crush on all year asked.

"Oh, I am sorry I wasn't looking where I was going." I said with the most biggest blush on my face.

"Hi, I am Chad price."

"Hi, I'm Kelsy Tennyson."

Come to find out we had allot in comen. We both loved art. we wanted to go to collage at OSU.

From there on in we started hanging out more. Eating lunch together. My dream come true. Well one day as we where walking to lunch he just out of no where asked, "Will you go to the movies with me this Saturday?"

I was so happy god could have struck me down and killed me right there.

"Yea, I have nothing planned." I said wanting to just wrap my arms around him and hug him.

" Great. I'll pick you up at 8:30." He said with a big smile on his face.

That saturday i did the usual girl thing i fussed with my hair and worried about what i was going to were. I chose my best dress and stuck my hair in a nice looking bun. The doorbell rang and I thought i was going to have a heartattack. I ran down stairs got my coat and opened the door. He looked so handsome i thought Orlando Bloom was standing right in front of me.

"Hi. You look very lovely tonight." He said.

I smiled and thanked him.

On the way to the movies was silent. Being stupid old me I on accident hit the button and rolled down my window. my hair messed up and i rolled it back up. i started messing with it when he grabbed my hand.

"Stop messing with it. It looks great. Even though the one wearing it looks better."

I didn't say anything. I tried to hide my blush but failed miserably. We got our tickets and sat in the back of the movie. i didn't know what it was called because i was to interested in the guy sitting beside me. He did the old yawn and stretch trick. I let him just because I wanted to know what it felt like to have his arm around me.

After the show we went out to Burger King. We went through the drive through. After that i thought he was going to take me home but he just went straight on down the road. We pulled off onto a dirt road that led to dense woods. We stopped by a lake of some kind. It was more like a pond but it would have been caleld a lake. I got out and walked to the shore. I herd his car door slam and the next thing i knew was his arms going around me and he sighed.

"I have never brought anybody here but you. This is the place i come to relax and get away from the busy old world."

I turned and looked at him, " Why am I the only one you brought here?"

He grabbed me closer and looked deep onto my eyes,"Because I have never been as crazy for a girl as i am for you. I have thought about you ever since that day we ran into each other. And since that day i have thanked god for bringing you into my life. Around you I can be myself, I think Kelsy I have fallen in love with you."

"Chad, ever since the beginning of this year i have liked you. I just thaought that since you were so popular that you would never ever notice me. But now my dream has come true i am truely happy."

He smiled at me and slowly leand down. That very instant whenI felt his lips touch mine i swear i saw fireworks.

From there on out it was all like aa awesome romance movie. We went on and dated we kept loving each other. Then one day he didn't show up for school. I didn't worry that much cuz i knew he wasn't felling very well the last cupple of days. A few days turned int o a few weeks then months. I called his house every day and askedhis mom if she knew where he was. She just told me what she alwasy told me. He is out or he is with his father. Well on the last day of school our principal anounced that Chad Price was dead from cancer. I thought i had herd wrong but my best friend Jackelen told me that. I tor out of that school and ran to his house.WhenI walked in it was like everybody was in outer space. The one person that walked up to me was his mother. She was crying and placed a note in my hand. She kissed my cheek and walked away. I looked down at thenote andit had my name on it . It was Chads handwriting.

I walked home in silence not even looking at the letter. I walked straight up to my room and i sat on my bed. I slowly opened the letter.


I AM so sorry that i had to leave you. BUt i guess god had a different plan for me. I would have told you sooner but,I couldn'tI wanted our last days to be happy and filled with love. i am so gladd that you came into my life. I jsut wish i could have seen you one last time. I am very sorry I will wait for you in heaven when it is your time to come. Know that ever since that night out at the lake. I have always wanted to be with you but i couldn't. Since then i told god that I would love you till the day I died. And i kept that promis. I love you andI always will.

Love you forever and always Chad Price

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