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He broke my heart with a text sent to my best friend

03 November, 2008

It all started off when I was in 4th grade, Danny had just moved here. He sat next to me all year, and each week i liked him even more.

The years pasted by, and we ended up in 7th grade. Danny and I were as close as ever, until one day. I finally got the courage to ask Danny out, but when I saw him, I waved. He looked away quickly. I found it strange, so i walked up to him to see what was wrong. "Go away," was all he said. I didn't know what to do next, so i walked away like he told me to.

The rest of the week, Danny continued to ignore me. He looked so embarrassed when he saw me. So one day I decided to talk to him, whether he liked it or not. When he saw me coming his way, he ran for it, but he dropped his cell in the process. I picked up his cell, and i noticed that he received a new text message. I looked at it, and i was heart broken when i read the conversation. It was between him and my best friend. It said~

Him-I can't tell her

Her-She can get over it

Him- No she won't, i know she likes me

Her- good point... so maybe she wont like it if we kissed...

Him- I feel bad, I liked her too.. but then u kissed me

Her- Then we can date secretly.

Him- good... I g2g luvu..

Her- i luv u too

It broke my heart.Theykissed!I dropped thephoneandburst into tears.I keptstaring at thephone.Suddenly a hand picked itup, and i looked up. Danny was standing there,holding hands with my so called best friend....

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