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Having to say goodbye (poem)

11 July, 2003

Why my love was simply not enough for you

I will now and forever wonder why

Despite all of the hurt and grief you've caused

It was difficult having to say good bye

You were a pretender from the beginning

using my emotions as your stepping stool

Time after time you were forgiven

as my love for you made me such a fool

No one should ever feel that kind of pain

that you thoughtlessly bought into my life

Despite all the warnings from everyone else

You were the one I chose to have for my wife

Who knew that within a short time

things would crumble and soon fall apart

You often took my love for granted

but nothing hurt more than my broken heart

As I reflect back on that time today

while sitting peacefully under the starry sky

You are still missed in many ways

and it was not easy having to say good bye

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