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04 March, 2008

it was my sophomore year. i really ha vent had a boyfriend.i guess i was to picky about guys. i mean i was talking to this one guy but he was to much of jerk he didn't want me for the right reasons i had been crushing on him like for the longest time i thought i would never get over him.

one day i went to volunteer at the park selling stuff like waters and Gatorade's to all the players.I would volunteer a lot there. There was always this one guy that would come and buy stuff, day by day i would start getting more curios about him. I started asking about him if anyone knew him what school he went to and stuff like that. one of my good friends new him. she went to the same school. i found out he was an 8 grader. Then i started talking to him at the store. i asked him who he liked and kinda didn't want to tell me but he did it was my friend. but then my best friend tells me he had been talking to her asking about me. one day when we were volunteering he wanted to go for a walk said he wanted to get to know me better. we talked and i told him i liked him he said he liked me too. i told him to wait a while before we were boyfriend and girlfriend. i guess i was kinda still all weird out about him being an 8 grader. 2 days later he asked me out again and i said yes. it was kind of weird since we went to different schools and couldn't see each other a lot but we would talk on the phone all the time.He was to me like the perfect guy he was sweet treated me right and he would always make me smile.he was the first guy i really kissed. we only went out for two weeks he broke up with me.through a text message and it wasn't even my phone. i was sad i thought everything was going perfect. idk why he broke up with me till this day. in 1 month he starts going out with my best friends cousin they break up and one month later he goes out with my best friends its funny guys know what to tell a girl to make them like them its kinda scary. 'til this day i still like him it has been five moths and i still cant get over him sad huh?

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