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Gone but not forgotten.

10 April, 2007

I loved you from the second I saw you, it was the most important moment of my life! Funny as a child I had dreamt of you and here you where standing before me. I felt engulfed in light and uplifted it was like every light in the world hadbeen switchedon. Never before had I felt anything like it, I became the happiest woman in the world I smiled and laughed all the time and was on top of the world from your love and attention.

You knew I worshipped you, my love for you was so deep I opened up like a flower to your smile, voice, touch. We knew each other for 5 years and then one day you told me you felt bored and needed to move on! I fought to keep you but the more I tried the more you pulled away. Until one dayI knewthatIhad to letyougo, the pain ofknowingthatamongst the sea of humanity my eye'swouldnever rest upon your beautifulfaceagain was quite devastating.

Ihave triedtokill my love for youto hate you buttwo years on, my love foryouis as deep asever. I have managed to pull the tree out of my heart but the root remains firmly in place. The saddestpart is thatIknow for all eternity I shallhave tocarry my love for you.

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