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Getting over him.

09 January, 2009

It all started so happily. Lee was two years above me at school and doing his GCSE'S. The girls and i used to hang around with them after school and on weekends. We were all very close. Rachel got closer to Kyle (Lee's twin brother) and before any of us had chance to say they were going out. Lee took a little more convincing. I'd liked him before i'd even met him. Just by sight i knew that I'd wanted to be with him. Then on my dads birthday it happened the girls had known that Lee liked me so convinced him to ask me out. When he did i overjoyed and couldn't believe my luck. In school people were trying to break us up by using the excuse that i was copying Rachel by going out with Lee her boyfriends twin, but neither of us let that come between us.

We spent nearly all our time together. Even if Rachel and Kyle and the boys were with us.Everyone said we were like the perfect couple.Nothing goes to plandoes it.

It was aroundten days afterLee'ssixteenthbirthday andwe were allout enjoyingadrinkinCaddyswhere no one could seeus.Where Lee announced that hewasgoinghome.I thoughtnothing of it at the time.Justsaidgoodbye andcarried on with the others, but, itwas onmy wayhom, i waswalking with Rachelbecause we were having a sleepover.It waswhenwe'dgot to the end of thestreet thatit happened. I had atext from Lee saying that hedidn't want to bewith me anymoreand that hewas seeingsomeone else.Rachelknew something was upbecause I'dgone quiet all of a sudden. I don'tknow what was going through her head butshe snached my phone off me and readthe text. As sheread itijust spatout"its over"holding backthe tears.I managed to hold them intillwe got to my bedroom where i threw myself ontomy bed andlay there crying for what seemedlike hours.

That was inApril2008, threemonthslateri wasonly just beginningto get overhim. But theressomething about yourfirst properboyfriendisn't there, you feel like you can never love again, like the worldis ending.Truth isifit was ment tobe itisif it isn'tthenit'sjust not.But that first properrelationshipyouhave, whetheryour youngor old,you can never seem to forget themjustas much as you hoped too. Even if the feelingsfor themhave gone. The memory will alwaysremain.

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