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04 February, 2008

I was in year 3 and me and my friends were introduced to a new kid that was yet to find a group of friends. At the time we were all just kids!

Since that day we were inseparable, he was my best friend.

When yr 5 hit i realized, even though I was only young, that I was so head over heels for this guy! I thought he was the ultimate person to like.

We shared every class and always sat next to each other. Our year 6 formal practices were always the same because I'd always choose him and he chose me.

We went to the same high school the year after, with most of our friends from primary school. By year 8, we were just our own group, just the two of us. All of our other friends had new groups, although we still all talked to each other. He'd walk close to me all the time, so close we were almost touching hands. On a science trip to a museum kind of place. We were running down a corridor and in a split second, for the first time we went to hold hands, but my satchel bag fell off and he let go and called me silly and laughed. I loved that moment. It was like all time stood still to let us be the best of friends.

In year 9 I felt like it was slipping away. Then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me. Someone had just ripped my heart in half and thrown it in the dirt. I was too sad to try to talk to him. I found out another 'friend' of ours had been saying things that caused it.She was jealous.

He never spoke to me again. I had just lost my best friend and i was alone. It took a while, but i found anothergroup and they're great. We finished year 10 in 2006 and its been almost 3 years. No matter what he put me through it took 2 years to get over him and its the best and hardest thing i have ever had to do. I don't know if we will ever talk again. I definitely know now though, i can love again. I really like a guy at work now and i think he really likes me too!

Goodbye J*** (name disclosed). I'll always love you, but as the guy i know not to trust.

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