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Friend of mine

04 September, 2008

He is my friend, since i've known him way back in college days. Our teachers thought that we had a relationship but that was all a funny thing. When he graduated in college, we never see each other very often just like we did before. I miss him as a friend, nothing very serious at that time. But one day he called me up, wanted to see me, he wants to talk to me but i never give him a chance to see me for i was busy by that time.But he never give up on calling me,untilthe shocking revelations he said. I'd never really thoughtthat hecould say that to me.Meand ourfriendsarevery confusedwith hisrevelations.I don't know if he is serious withwhathesaid.

He saidhe likesmeever since he knows me,and thathe wantedme morethana friend andhe's longing formy acceptance.Becauseby that time that we were in college, he can't express of whathe feels becausei had already myboyfriendduring our collegedays.Andnowthat ialreadybroke upwithmy boyfriend, he never let themomentsto pass it by,he toldmeeverything.Thefeelingshekeptfor so many years.

But the saddestpartof it, heisnowwithanothergirl andthey havealready ababy, and theirstill living in thesame roof.

I know thatit is not good to be involve withtheir life, butI acceptedhim, knowing that he is seriousandwilling to acceptmeforwhoi really am.I feel jealouseverytime their together but what else can i do, i feeliam notcapableof doingsomethinggood for ourrelationship,but i'm stillhoping that someday,everythingwouldturnout right.

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