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Forever and ever babe

12 November, 2006

I'd like to say first that I am young, not 13, but under 25. But I am old enough to have this heartache. His name is Dustin. We have been friends for almost 3 years, and we had been dating for 11 1/2 months. We met at church and have been through SO much together....I guess the best place to start is from the night we met. Now Dustin went to my middle school along time ago, for like a half a year, and coincidentally I had started that same day as him. There was a dance that weekend and my new friends wanted me to go, as did his new friends. My friends had signed me and him to snow ball dance, that's where the disco ball comes down and the couples signed up have to slow dance. I blew it off....I meanI didn't know him. Then later that year I dropped my books in the hallway (the blond I am) and he helped me pick them up. I looked into his eyes and felt the magic....but i didn't exactly catch his name. I hadn't seen him at all after that. Then The next year in high school, Mia Dustin's old friend, had said he moved back to his old school. It was nearing Christmas, and my parents had been bugging me to start going to church....well the church was having a "New Years" party and I decided to go to get my parent's off my back.I waled in and didn't know anybody. I sat down in a chair in the gym, and watched the guys play basketball. Only to discover....Dustin was playing. My heart sank, my mouth went dry, my hands started to shake....thank God I was sitting down. He saw me wrapped his arms around me and we went up stairs and talked for hours....the rest was history. We went out for 4 months, we were happy, the happiest i had ever been in my whole life. Then his parents got in a huge fight....and Dustin disappeared....I was worried sick, I couldn't even go to school. But I had to. I broke down the second I walked into the door. My bi brother picked my up and would leave my side all day. See we have different parents soI don't see him that much. (long story) Anyway I got a call at school, from him saying he was fine he ran away and tried to make it to my house....but he didn't make it, his mom found him. About 2 years later he proposed, we have been inseparable ever since. I mean he gave me a ring and everything, but were still in high school, we couldn't get married for a while. But we did everything together, we shared our faith, got A's, did everything we were supposed to. Until one day....we broke up....because our faith for God had gotten so weak and we always promised to put God first. So we broke up, little did I know it would hurt so bad. I mean I knew I had to lose him...I just didn't think itwas going to all be in one day. Well the next day we were both in a huge production about the crucifixion of Christ for our church play. I was playing a simple part, but as soon as I walked on that stage and saw all my friends looking at me knowing what had happened.....I broke, I started balling. I mean tears streaming no stopping, eyes red balling. I did my part and ran off stage. I sat backstage behind my curtain in my changing stall crying my eyes out. I changed and left....but a I did he grabbed my arm and held me tight and said "I'll always love you" he started to cry. idk it all happened so fast....idk how it is going to work out or when....but I just want to say to anyone who reads this....I still love him...and I always will.
Love as always Kaley

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