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Forever and Always Babe

28 November, 2007

I met him in highschool. We became friends my sophmore year. We were both sixteen and completely oblivious to what was to come. He liked me then, but decided not to pursue it. We met up again senior year. We were both eighteen and we begun to hang out. We started flirting and I found out he was talking to one of my good friends. I was upset but only because he had been flirting with me and had not told me about her. Soon, we started dating. We dated for ten months, we actually became engaged, and don't you dare start judging. We were young, yes, and not really dating for a long time, but we had known each other for two years and he lived with me and my family for about six months. We did everything together. We had our rough times, I actually cheated on him, but that remains my biggest mistake to this day. We loved each other so much. Still do. He even told his grandmother we were getting engaged and his mother before he asked me. Then I went off to college an hour a way. He stayed in out town and went to a private christian college. We ended up breaking up, but not seriously. But he then informed me that we would not be getting back together. I was devastated. I then found out it was because of religion differences. But now, he drinks constantly, gets high everyday multiple times, and does other things such as cocaine. I love him and it worries me to death. I do not want to see him like this. I have not seen him in two months and now he is coming up this weekend. And I am scared. I'm scared it's going to be like old times and then he'll call later and say I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come. His mother and grandmother still think we are engaged. I asked him why he hadn't told them, he wouldn't answer. I love him. And I will always love him. Forever and Always.



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