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First true love turned to dust

05 April, 2008

My story starts off when my crush was moving. I hadn't got over him I never thought I would until I me him. He was perfect in every way. He was funny and charming. He made me forget about all my problems. I was the kind of person that was convinced that no guy would fall for her. But he actually fell for yo. He made me so happy. He and I loved each other. Everything was great at first until things happened. There were people who were determined to end our love. There was this girl who lied to break this up. Everyone knew that we were meant to be. Then that wasn't the only thing my friend betrayed. I considered her my friend and the last thing i thought she would do she did. She went out with him behind my back. I she had the nerve to tell me ans say that we could still be friends. After what she did. How could she? He confessed to me that the only reason he was going out with her was because he felt sorry for her. I felt like crying. but I DIDN'T. but DEEP INSIDE I WAS BROKEN. They didn't last long.She found out why he said yes to her and she dumped him. But after that he forget about me just like that. He never talked to me. I guess cause he felt guilty. It was like that for the rest of the year.I thought i had forgotten about him but i was wrong. The next year we still didn't talk but we gazed at each other with love. We both knew that our story couldn't end just like that. I still loved him.Then one day he forgot about me for good. He was different changed. I still loved but he didn't care anymore. I guess our love was doomed in the beginning. Our love wasn't meant to last. To this day i still love him. I guess because i look back at those memories and the thought that we could still be. I have tried to move on but i guess i just cant.

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