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First love

20 April, 2009

i was 17 years old all i had ever done was kiss a boy then i meant Jesse he was 24 he swiped me off my feet he made me feel like this is it this is the one he was my first everything Jesse and i were together for 2 years i loved him more than i could have ever imagined we have been thru alot together and we stayed together my family hates him and his family doesn't exactly like me either hes made me have a lot of heartbreaks and one day i got pregnant we were ganna have a baby we started fighting more and more over the 2 years we hated being together but couldnt imaging living with out eachother we were connected in ways people couldnt understand then we had our daughter makenna shes 4 months old now i still love him with all my heart and were a rocky road for sure but in the end it just wont work out but im just not sure i can let go just yet

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