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First; True??

08 April, 2007

Over the summer, me and my big brother's best friend started going out.

I guess we got kind of close because he saw me everyday for three months straight since it was summer break. Anyway, eventually he told me he loved me and I said it back. I really meant it too, and I thought that he really loved me. Turns out, he just said it to get what he wanted. When I found out that he was cheating on me, I dumped him. I told him not to call me back until he was more of a man to admit what he'd done. The very next day, he called me back and apologized. We started going out again and I believed him this time.

About a week later, we broke up again because all he did was yell at me. Finally four months later, I stopped crying over him. Just my luck, he starts calling to talk to me again. He said that he had a girlfriend but they weren't going so well. He told me the next day that he dumped her, so we started going out again because I thought he'd changed.He cheated on herand Ifoundout so I called her and told her. I asked ifthey werestill dating, and ofcourse she said yes.We three-wayed himon the phone tob**** him out, and there was the end.

NowTwo months later,we started talking again andthe thing he left out was a bigshocker... he has agirlfriend. The sadthing is, that I turn to him everytime whenI shouldn't, and this time his friend told me about his girlfriend.Lucky for his friend, he seemed nice, sowe've been talking for awhile now.I thinkhe likes me, but I'm not sure.He gets his license inthree months andwe plan to go to the movies or something.Thanks tohis friend, I am almost completly over him.`The only real hard thing todeal with, is that himand this guyI am talking to arereally close friends.Oh well, at least thisguy is manenough to admit if he does something,and I appreciatethat.

I thinkmy'ex' was my first true love, andeven though he broke my heart, hewill always have a place in my heart. HopefullyI will never forget him,even thoughI've moved on.He wasmyfirst,true loveand I will never forget that.Thanks to his friend,my heart is healed and he might be my next love.:) -- Lovey

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