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Finally Had 3nough!

11 June, 2009

4yrs together an i really thought he was the one, He was two years younger than me. And i was happy in love, everything a girl wanted i felt with (Zach).But than one day he started to act like a jerk,andshowingofin front ofhis family and friends. That's not the guy who i met on our first day, and than started dating from their. He would smoke all the time, I'm not a smoker and i don't like kissing an ash tray either. He also smoked marijuana everyday,things startedto go down hill.I would tell himhow ifelt aboutit buti couldn't getthrough, My family told me thatican doSO muchbetter,Anddeserve a man that is going to show me respect and love me.TheirwasSomethingabout himthat i loved i just can explain to anyone, if i can go back an get what he has taken from me i would. He really hurt mejust leftme in theblue,iwant him to hurtas muchas i ambut i knowhe isout theirhavinga great time. So tell me Zach am the one who makes you sweat am the one who you think of in bed, when the lights are off an your wishing i was nexttooyou, Than think of what you put me through an hope to god everything was worth losing me, cause I've got more with a better kiss an abetter person who is going to show me Respect,

Butyou'llnevermeet a Girlwhois goingto love you as much as i did.

!RememberSweetie you had m3 Remember!



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