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Fatal Attraction 2

30 November, 2007

This is a continuation of my story "Fatal Attraction":

If anyone is interested, I have conquered my attraction to the guy I have met on vacation. After multiple conversations and endless tears from both of us...we have decided to break it off...

We met once again...travelling 1000 km each to just see each other again...It was special, but it was bigger than me to betray my husband. I have turned and walked away from him. I have suddenly realized that I LOVE MY HUSBAND AND AM NOT WILLING TO HURT HIM.

I cannot truthfully say it does not hurt....but this is life.... I have realized that life is bigger than an attraction to a stranger. Take my advice.....if you are dearly loved and spoiled and cherished by your guy...HOLD ON TO IT....

Its not worth it to abandon your life to run after something unpredictable....give everything you got to the one who decided to give all he has got to you.....

Women are unpredictable andareoften irrational......don't be stupid.....in life you will feel attracted to multiple people...but always remember there is nothing bigger than marriage to the person you have lived through hell with and still remained together.

Be smart.....do not cheat- love and be loved.....

Still hurt...but surviving and hoping that I will be able to get my old life back....and fall in love with my dear husband one more time and this time hopefully I will be smarter.....

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