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Fake love

14 May, 2007

I was 13 and that boy was the hardest thing in my life his name was Chad. I am 18 now and i had doubts about sharing this story. one day i was out with my friends and my best friend (boy) got Chad with him and he introduced him to us. my friends though he was hot and everything but i didn't see that in him. we didn't talk or bond much that day but i was sure he noticed me somehow. the next day i had a small gathering at my house and he came. me and him didn't stop talking that day and we laughed and shared story's and secrets, he seemed like a really nice guy. that was the day i fell for him. i didn't do anything about it, i waited for him to make a move. and he did. after that day by a week or so my best friend talked to me about him and he told me that he liked me and he wanted to go on a date with me. we went on our date and it was perfect, i couldn't think of a more fun day than that day with him. I felt like he was the one for me and that he understood me and accepted me in every way. we became boyrfriend and girlfriend and i completley fell in love with him.i couldn't imajine my life without him, he was everything to me. i thought he felt the same way too.we took our physical relationship slowly and that showed me how much he respected me.after almost 1 month and a couple of weeks, he started acting really weird with me. like he wouldnt pick up my calls and i would never see him as much as i used to. one day i got a phone call from my best friend and he told me that Chad got beaten up by some guys on his way to his classes. i was soo worried and i kept on trying to call him but it kept on giving me switched off. my best friend gave me his brothers number that i can call him on so i did and i talked to him and he told me he was okay and that his face got completly screwed. that day i couldnt't stop crying and just the thought of him going through pain or a hard time tore me apart. that was how much i was in love with him.the next weekend we all went out and i heard rumors that he wanted to dump me, unfortunatly for me those rumors were true. i tried to denay it that day but it kept comming to me that this day might be the last day i am with the love of my life. the whole day we didn't talk at all until the moment where he called me to talk to me alone and he told me those words that literally tore my heart into little tiny pieces. it toke me such a long time to get over him, actually until now i think about him sometimes. A couple of months after our break-up i found out that the whole beating up incident was a complete lie, and my best friend was in on it too.and that he never loved meand he was just playting around.i was completly torn once again after i already started to get over that whole thing a little. i hated my best friend i hated Chad i didn't want to see anyone at all. for 1 or 2 months i stayed at home and i was so depressed. until now it is really akward when we see each other but ive learned to get over that and i'm with a guy now since 3 years and im really happy with him. and for Chad, i could never forget him in a good and a bad way and he will always be somewhere in my heart.

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